In 2071, brave and intelligent Turkish hero Binyıl and professor Ertuğrul are capable to travel in time thanks to their time machine invention. Binyıl Bey will attract viewers' attention not only with his adventures in his travels but also with his domination in Turkish history.
In the age of 30, Binyıl is a genius hero with a sense of humor. His aim of life is to enjoy life and science in every condition. He is also well-known with his inventions. Thus, one of the most famous teachers in country Prof. Ertuğrul chose him as a assistan to himself.
The president of T.C. Science Council. He has a really important projects not just only for Turkey but also for the world. The professor usually treats kind-hearted but when it comes to science he become the most strict and well-disciplined person in whole world.
She is the granddaughter of the professor. Nehir is 12 years old and admires her grandfather as scientist. She is confident and knows how to stay calm even in the most complicated situations.
The little grandson of Prof. Ertuğrul. Alp is both genius and hyperactive. He also likes to interest with science just like his sister Nehir but not as much as he likes to have fun with his brother Binyıl.