Doru, with her mother Dorukısrak, joins a horse herd. However, all the other horses in the herd enjoy their existence for a very short time period. After some time, Doru and her best friend Karatay run into thrilling adventures while escaping from the wicked, horse farm owners. Doru is children's one of the most favorite characters of animated movies in Turkey.
Despite being young, the flock have so much love for Doru when they consider him speed, courage, maturity features. Even in the most hazardous moment, Doru is ready for help whoever needs.
Mother of Doru, has both kind-hearted and full-grown features.
The oldest member of the flock, Kırat, is a mentor of others with his countless experience.
Doru's best friend Karatay's color doesn't reflect his soul! He's a really colorful character with his cheerful, excited and lively features. When Karatay and Doru are together there is no situation that they can't handel.
The most interesting member of the story, Gelincik, quits being coward when anyone in the flock needs him.
The youngest member of the flock Alaca is always protected and educated by her brothers Doru and Karatay.
The unselfish leader, Demirkır, hides a fatherly part under his tough personality.
Alaca’s mother Alkız can do anything for his child.