Ada and Aslan are two cousins with numerous characteristic differences. Despite these differences, they have an important common ground: passion for science and invention. One day, cousins find a broken robot dog, called "Rocket", then, repair and even improve it. Rocket becomes cousins' everything, their main field of interest that while developing it, they also improve their own skills. However, there was one thing they were missing: Rocket's broken memory card, which will not let them discover the robot's story until the series' end.
Ada as quite and calm 10 years old girl knows how to cool-headed even in the most complicated situations. She is always well-arranged and tidy. Her distinct feature is her passion to the science and inventions. Ada and Aslan are both childhood friend and long-standing rivals. Despite their effort to piss off each other they never break off and know how to handle together with serious problems.
Aslan is messy and active character just like his hair! He is a noisy, active and excited child and because of these feature her cousin Ada hardly tolerate him. Like his cousin Ada, Aslan also has a strong passion for science. He both likes to help people with his creations and annot Ada with his creations.
The robot dog was broken when Ada and Aslan found it. The cousins won't just aim to fix it but also develop it. In this way, Ada and Aslan will be able to collect the clues for finding out Rocket's story. Rocket will also take part in all the adventurous cases that the cousins face.